Fine Accents

A small selection of accent furniture and deco

Fine Accents are the decorative focal point in your home while fulfilling its own purpose. Hand-crafted out of precious metal, wood or glass, our accent furniture and deco add the finishing touches to your room and establish an individual and personal feeling in your interior. Find a small selection of our fine accents
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Beak Flagon "Doe"

Silver plated Jug "Deer"

Silver plated Bowl "Deer"

Bowl "Scarlett"

Set of table Lanterns "Hermione"

Deco Wall-Object "Marlin"

Pouf "Bini"

Pouf "Bini"

Pouf "Shiva"

Decorative mirror "Jamie"

Decorative mirror "Marion"

Mirror "Elena"

Mirror "Amanda"

Cowhide "Hannah"

Cowhide "Heather"

Stool/Side Table "Julie"

Stool/Side Table "Julie"

Stool/Side Table "Katie"

Lavender-Scented Candle

Lavender-scented candle (three wicks)